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Encircling Stainless Steel Earrings And Bracelet

$405.00 $344.25

Item Type: Bracelet and Earrings
Collection: Architectural Elegance
Style: Contemporary
Material: Surgical Stainless Steels
Color: Silver
Length: 8″ Bracelet
Closure: Ingenious Invisible Design

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Encircling Stainless Steel Earrings And Bracelet

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Go full circle wearing 3 playful loop dangles and matching bracelet with 15 encircling loops of varied size and width that runs circles around your wrist. The surgical stainless steel mod loops are German engineered perfection and the closure is so ingenious it is nearly invisible. Light weight and are more fun than a three ring circus. Details on the earrings can be found in the “Earrings” section, regularly sold as an individual item. Complimenting necklaces, pendants, rings are also available.

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