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Artisan Jewelers Offer Exclusive Beauty

In the art world, as in life, great skill and craftsmanship are prized for their outstanding technique, singular beauty, and dedication to the form. High value often accompanies the rarest of works. Clearly, a famed original da Vinci creation is more desirable than a printed...

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My Jewelry Making Exploration

When representing many different artists, I have come from the belief that having the experience of creating in the same mediums was the best way to fully grasp the abilities of the artist and be able to express the level of talent it took to...

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One of a kind – Elizabeth Garvin Fine

Elizabeth Garvin is an award winning jewelry artisan that has been creating masterful pieces for decades. Her work is timeless and sophisticated. She designs her pieces with the skills of an engineer as well as a designer. The mechanics of her clasps and hinges in...

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Welcome to ArtApparent

Being an artist has allowed me to appreciate the talent in other artists work. Being a gallery owner has allowed me to represent them with knowledge and passion. Back when my fingers were too small to fit into my moms rings, that is when I started...

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