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ArtApparent Welcomes You!

ArtApparent.com is an online gallery dedicated to representing new and hard to find jewelry by both renowned and emerging artists. Artists who conceive designs and creations in inviting eye catching ways and with new and traditional materials. I am committed to delivering the latest in trend pieces that radiate inner strength, confidence and beauty, and that make you feel young at heart.

I have great appreciation and respect for artists who design jewelry. Artisan handmade jewelry – each hand made piece is as unique as a thumb print. Each piece is a tangible expression of imagination, joy, skill, talent and respect for the raw materials that come from the precious world that we live in.

Art is Apparent.

As an Artist myself, I have been fortunate to study under masters in glass, metals, woods, ceramics, printmaking, weaving, painting and jewelry design. As a business woman, I have launched numerous art galleries in Miami, and within them, represented many  jewelry artists.  This is my latest venture…..


I have carefully selected the pieces presented before you on ArtApparent.com. Each specific piece is chosen for balance, clear design, thought, originality and for a strong sense of functionality. My hope is to share my knowledge and sense of design with everybody, and I have selected wearable sculptures for every occasion and location in mind.

Join me in my adventure. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me – friends call me Sam. I’d love to hear from you!

Samantha Lazarus