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One of a kind – Elizabeth Garvin Fine

One of a kind – Elizabeth Garvin Fine

Elizabeth Garvin is an award winning jewelry artisan that has been creating masterful pieces for decades. Her work is timeless and sophisticated. She designs her pieces with the skills of an engineer as well as a designer. The mechanics of her clasps and hinges in her finished masterpieces allow the wearable sculptures to have an ease of functionality that seems magical.

I have represented her work for over 10 years now and I have watched her work transform with amazement. There are very few jewelry designers that can take their work in a totally new and different direction and have it be so well received by older collectors and gain such an elevated level of achievement with new collectors.

It has been such a pleasure working together with her on so many customizations of pieces for my clients. Just witnessing people trying on a piece of her jewelry, watching their satisfaction as they feel how smoothly it fits on, then the anticipation of their expression after viewing the pieces on them in the mirror, joy!

On a side note, she is an amazing person that I have had the privilege of getting to know over all these years and I have the honor of calling her my friend.

Samantha Lazarus

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