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Welcome to ArtApparent

Welcome to ArtApparent

Being an artist has allowed me to appreciate the talent in other artists work. Being a gallery owner has allowed me to represent them with knowledge and passion.

Back when my fingers were too small to fit into my moms rings, that is when I started selling jewelry. Door to door carrying my cases with me everywhere in Brooklyn, New York when I was 11 years old. I would walk into local stores and businesses to check if anyone was interested. Loved asking people what they liked and showed them my favorites.

As time went on, I had regular clients that I would show the latest pieces to. I kept records in my composition note books of stock #’s, prices and descriptions with drawings of each piece. Asked my mom for help to write the numbers on the tags, my handwriting at the time was too messy.

With my savings from selling for many years, I was able to afford to go on a school trip to ITALY, and I was hooked. I wanted to go to school for art. Under my BFA I studied glass blowing, wood working, ceramics, metal, printmaking, painting, mixed media sculpture, and many other supporting mediums.

After college, I partnered with another artist and we had our artwork in over thirty galleries across the country. We both had aspirations to open our own gallery, and we did.
Over time we represented over 100 artist of all mediums, including jewelry, and I have truly loved it for over 15 years.

ArtApparent was started with my appreciation of creations from jewelry artisans and selling their pieces to people who truly love wearing them.

I have recently been taking jewelry making classes to have first hand experience and more knowledge to better assist my clients with their questions and concerns, and to be able to better support personalized special creations.

I hope you enjoy the selections on ArtApparent, and please feel free to call me or email me anytime.

Samantha Lazarus

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